Hatred is a personal journey that asks big social questions about identity and prejudice in the modern world.

What makes us who we are and how do we learn to hate? This is an important question for us at this time, as the line is tested between the right to free speech and the incitement to hate on the basis of skin colour or ethnicity.

Every day on television, people watch the effects of hatred. They see it on the news and in programs which portray violence and anger as a way of life.

HATRED documents various kinds of hatred and their consequences, beginning with the hatred that led to the filmmaker's German-Jewish father fleeing the Nazi Holocaust. This lead to exploring hatred in the lives of the poor and people of colour in New York and then to the complex clash of identity, religion, history and emotion between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

HATRED is both a challenge and a resource for anyone ready to explore the issues behind expression of hatred in contemporary society.

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  • Hatred

    What makes us who we are and how do we learn to hate?